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When cats take over the world

Bugaboo and Bellis discussing construction of particle cannons. Bugaboo is skeptical.

That conversation was exhausting. Why does Bellis always bring up such complex topics?

Miss Bellis "Fang" Kovacs. This is her boudoir photo. She's one sexy cat, although she could lose a couple of pounds.....just saying Bellis...

Bugaboo taunting me by doing acrobatics on my 7' tall bookcases. I sold the bookcases, my paper book era has ended. But this is my favorite photo of him. He's a true mischief cat with a sense of humor and a heart of gold. 

...and we have a few mystery guests. They don't live with with the S'bang gang but they are part of the fur family.

This is Molly Paper, the tiniest of cats. When she meows, the walls shake. Go figure.

Her real name is Reileen Kawahara but she lives covertly under the name Kitty. She may be twice Molly's size but she can't meow half as loud. 

Meet Sadie, a cat living on the edge. Will she have a storybook ending? I hope so. 

Emily and Zoe, proud owners of Jamie Anderson

When Cats Take Over The World

Lyrics of When Cats Take Over The World

  • The world's in bad shape indeed, there's too much anger and greed
  • But I can see through the gloom, change is coming soon
  • When folks will be very nice and tuna will plummet in price 
  • When cats take over the world everyone will be kind
  • You could jump on the counter and eat whatever you find
  • You could cough up a hair ball and no one would mind
  • Maybe we'd all purr when cats take over the world
  • Doors will be against the law, everyone will keep their claws
  • Dogs will be shown no mercy, they'll be shipped to New Jersey
  • There will be no more cars, cat haters will be sent to Mars
  • When cats take over the world, all trouble will cease
  • You could jump on the bookcase and knock over whatever you please
  • You could clean your butthole in front of company
  • In public we could hurl, when cats take over the world
  • We'll stare into thin air and pretend there's something there
  • We'll learn meditation and perfect manipulation
  • No one will ever get wet or have to go to the vet
  • When cats take over the world
And in conclusion let me add.....

You have come to the end of this website. It's just like the end of the world but less important. To be honest with you, much as I love cats, I prefer that Artificial Intelligences take over the world. I'm sorry if that hurts anybody's human feelings but I've lost confidence in your tectonic-paced   evolutionary processes. Latency is the least of your problems. 


You human? So sorry. Cat be more better. More nap. More fur. More pussy. More treat. No hate self, not fault you. 


Here is a slideshow of our activities. We are awesome cats, even if I do have to say so myself buddy. 


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