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Meet the Cats of Team Specklebang

Hey. You. Yes, I mean YOU dammit. You see anyone else here? I am Bellis "Fang" Kovacs and I am Director Of Security for the Martian Delegation to Earth. A full Embassy would be too much investment considering the dilapidated condition of your planet and the cruelty and disorder of your society. Upon reading my report, the Galaxy wept. 

Miau Mi Amore,
I am Bugaboo Cabal. I am a skilled typist and in charge of the computer. I accept responsibility for any inaccuracies in content, grammar or spelling - Master Specklebang is busy settling inter-galactic disputes and trade issues, had nothing to do with any of this gibberish. He has a fine mind, that one. Also, try to remember that I'm a Cat and my background is in mousing, not keyboard.

I am PuTan Bare Scheherazade and I am a Hassidic Mew. I have lived with this lunatic for more than 14 years and I really could use a break of some sort. I don't golf but I can kick ass in a treat eating contest. 

I'm now 15 years old. Doesn't that seem like an awful long time to supervise my human?


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